Sunday, May 18, 2008

Firefox hang when visiting pages with Java applets, fixed!

Originally uploaded by longhorndave
I live with Firefox a lot! It is very stable and loads pages very quickly. However, after I upgrade Jave Run Time (JRE) to the latest version, I found myself hang when using Firefox to browse web pages containing Java applets! I was wondering whether this is a "bug" of Firefox itself.

After some survey on Google, I found in here to just turn on "show Java Console" option, from Windows Control Panel, and it fixes for me!

After this fix, Firefox is still my favorite browser in the world! No more unexpected hang when surfing!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Clever Owner, Poor Dog

The owner of the dog seemed to go away for ice cream, in that hot afternoon on the beach. It must feel like being baked! Poor dog!

If you are a pet lover, please be sure to treat your pet like human.

I really wanted to help, but I am afraid myself to be thought as stealing the dog! Luckily, minutes after I shot this film, the owner finally came back and relieved it!