Sunday, March 27, 2011

Great web sites can be browsed by various browsers without difficulties

Great web sites can be browsed by various browsers without difficulties. When I visit Facebook, Google, or Twitter, I do not have to switch the browser I use to make the display correct.

If your web site is only well displayed for some browser, then I bet it must not be "Great"!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

KTV: 1990台灣人


台灣股票淹肚臍 台灣厝價淹下骸
台灣槍子淹目眉 台灣人的心事無人知
想著我會驚 想著我會驚
想著我會驚 想著我會驚
(無殼蝸牛置咧街頭抗議 伊講想要租嘛租抹起
若照這款薪水來買厝 嘸吃嘸喝嘛著愛等幾十年
市長大人叫咱大家不要著急 將來擱有國民住宅等著你
我講市長大人感謝你的好意 到時請你派人來阮墓前通知)
台灣股票淹肚臍 台灣厝價淹下骸
台灣槍子淹目眉 台灣人的心事無人知
(古早時袸就有歹人 只不過作法甲今嘛嘸啥同
厝內的某子你著好好阿藏 哪無乎人抓去一個一個綁)
大頭家想著目眶紅 歸去來去買一支ㄅ一ㄤˋㄅ一ㄤˋㄅ一ㄤˋ
莫怪許桑對咱大家共 出門小心不要踩到槍
想著我會驚 想著我會驚
想著我會驚 想著我會驚

看人咧開酒你會歸腹火 1萬2萬拿去把小姐)
不免怨嗟阿不免怨嗟 人伊卡敖賺錢 你是算蝦貨
誰叫你不去號子替人泡茶 那無你的獎金嘛八十幾個月
台灣股票淹肚臍 台灣厝價淹下骸
台灣槍子淹目眉 台灣人的心事無人知
(囝仔時袸愛看武俠片 煞落擱來買一支流星蝴蝶劍
少年耶 人今嘛攏嘛走來去立法院)
現代人實在真敖假仙 平常時袸伊是尚愛表現
代誌哪大條就甲伊無牽連 一切依法處理我沒有意見
台灣股票淹肚臍 台灣厝價淹下骸
台灣槍子淹目眉 台灣人的心事無人知
想著我會驚 想著我會驚
想著我會驚 想著我會驚
出門小心不要踩到槍 出門小心不要踩到槍

Saturday, March 19, 2011




Friday, March 18, 2011

Fw: Making Twitter more secure: HTTPS

HTTPS content encryption feature finally comes! Without this feature, all your interactions on Twitter could be monitored by "bad guys".


Sent to you by Li-Ji via Google Reader:


via Twitter Blog by cpen on 3/15/11

Today, we're taking an important step to make it easier to manage the security of your Twitter experience – we are adding a user setting that lets you always use HTTPS when accessing Using HTTPS for your favorite Internet services is particularly important when using them over unsecured WiFi connections.

For some time, users have been able to use Twitter via HTTPS by going to We've made it simpler for users to do this by adding the option to always use HTTPS.

To turn on HTTPS, go to your settings and check the box next to "Always use HTTPS," which is at the bottom of the page. This will improve the security of your account and better protect your information if you're using Twitter over an unsecured Internet connection, like a public WiFi network, where someone may be able to eavesdrop on your site activity. In the future, we hope to make HTTPS the default setting.

We've already made this setting the default for a number of clients and activities. In these cases, HTTPS is used whether or not you've enabled the "Always use HTTPS" setting:
  • When you log into Twitter, so your password stays protected.
  • On the official Twitter for iPhone and iPad mobile application.

There are also a few instances where turning on HTTPS in your settings does not force HTTPS. For example, when accessing Twitter from your mobile browser, you need to go to to use HTTPS for now. We are working on a solution that will share the "Always use HTTPS" setting across and, so you don't have to think about which device you're using when you want to check Twitter. If you use a third-party application, you should check to see if that app offers HTTPS.


Things you can do from here:


Monday, March 14, 2011

What the game 'Starcraft' has taught me

1. You always have to act before everything is ready.
2. Multitasking is a basic mental requirement.
3. If you spent too much time on unnecessary tasks, you will surely lose in the end.
4. Delegation is necessary and important. Delegate, or lose.
5. Combat and economy are equally important.
6. Prioritize your time, always!
7. Always get prepared for some necessary loss. No loss no gain!
8. If you win, do not get too satisfied. It might be the result of your opponents' failure!
9. Sometimes you lose to computer opponents because they always follow the planned schedules, and you did not.
10. Attacking is an effective tactic of defense.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Profit helps recovery

A restaurant on busy street was burnt down by accidental fire. However, it recovers very fast. It resumes its operation now only after a few days!

I believe this is because the location is very profitable. No time could be wasted on time to recovery!

Friday, March 4, 2011

If you want to re-install Nokia Apps, you have to remove that App clean first!

After I removed "Battery Monitor" App, I still could not re-install that App again on my Nokia N97 Mini. The App's "Download" link is always grayed out in Ovi Store.

The cause is, I did not remove it cleanly. I found this key point from the following texts by Google-ing.!
Nokia Support Discussion

Betreff: Nokia battery monitor
27-Dec-2010 11:19 AM


Make sure you remove everything related to the Battery monitor in Settings|Application Management|installed Apps

1. Battery Monitor Installer (left behind after install, another bug due to shoddy programming)
2. Battery Monitor
3. Battery Monitor Service

After removing all that you should be able to redownload.