Monday, August 11, 2014

Translation of my previous post: My inspiration from a hatched chicken breaking through the shell

This post is a translated version from my previous post in Han language.


We saw this video on YouTube when I was explaining to my daughter about the process of the eggs hatched into chickens yesterday.

At around 3:29, the shell of the second egg was broken from inside.

My daughter raised a very enlightening question: “What would happen to the chicken, if it cannot break through and walk out of the shell?”

The whole process for a chicken to break through the shell is very, very long. Even being narrated, the video is still longer than 3 minutes.
In other words, this is a very slow, very tedious, and very difficult process.

This is really a very difficult process for a chicken!

The bones of the chicken are not hard enough. The feathers are still few. It has never seen the outside world through its own new eyes. Right at this most helpless but critical moment, the god of destiny forced it to break through by itself anyway. If it failed, of course it can never survive.

Is it possible for some chickens to fail to break through? I believe it is very possible. We often only notice the chickens which succeed, but not those which failed.

I answered my daughter as this: "It has to break through by itself, at all costs. No one can help it. And this is life."

We always have some unexpected difficulties.They are just like the shell of a hatched egg. They will always be there, no matter you are ready for that or not. You always have to break through by yourself. If you can, you will see a totally different world.

This is also what I have been inspired!

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