Thursday, October 22, 2015

My problem solved: Blu-ray burner missing after upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1

I was using a ASUS SBW-06D2X-U USB Blu-ray burner to backup my data files. It worked fine before with my Windows 8.1 PC.


This week I spend some time upgrading this PC to Windows 10. However, everything worked well except my Blu-ray burner. It was missing. It was not even showing up inside the Device Manager.

After some research on Google, I found this discussion. And it solved my problem!

In fact, the new Windows 10 identified my Blu-ray burner as some strange device called "Initio". After I uninstall this device (remember to also check the option something like "Delete the driver software for this device") and re-plug in this drive, my Blu-ray burner is back to work again! I do not even had to reboot!

【Optic Drive No Longer Recognized in Windows 8.1 - Microsoft Community】
Optic Drive No Longer Recognized in Windows 8.1 - Microsoft Community

The 'Initio' problem affects other external drives as well the ASUS SBW-06D2X-U.  In Windows 8.1, I simply Uninstalled the Initio device in Device Manager (Disabling alone did not work) and plugged my ASUS SBW-06D2X-U in.  Voila!  Worked immediately.

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