Thursday, January 7, 2010

Using Gmail as private blog

I believe many people know this tip and already are using it this way. However, I was inspired by this post recently.

How do I do it now? I just compose the post content as an Email and send it to myself. Done!

The timestamps of posts (Emails, in fact) are automatically logged. I can also organize them with Tags.

Gmail as private blog: the Advantages

At lease Gmail has the following advantages over general blog applications:
  • I can easily add attachments. This could not be easily done on other blog applications
  • It is private in nature. No more mistakes.
  • Fast search. Fast search your posts like Emails.
  • Accessible anywhere. Especially on mobile phone!

The Down Side

Gmail storage is not totally free. But I think it should not be a problem because I have not used up my free 7G bytes of Gmail storage yet, and additional 20G bytes cost only $5.00 USD per year at the time of this post (January 2010).


Open your Gmail right now and note down this post, if you think it helps you!

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