Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chrome's browsing "History" Tips: start all URLs via "Google the search engine"

After I started to use Google's Chrome, I realized my web browsing "history" is not fully saved at Google's "Bookmark/Web history" web application. In fact, the key to "full history saving" is by using Google's Toolbar plugin. Sounds interesting, as the time of writing (January 2010), Google does not officially provide such plugins for her own Chrome.

I compared the logged history and the browsing memory in my mind. I found the following interesting point:

Although "Chrome" does not log history at web application side (or in other words, the cloud side), "Google the search engine" does! All browsed URLs started via "Google the search engine" is fully logged!

Of course, you need a logged-in session so "Google the search engine" can save history data in.


We do not need "Google Toolbar for Chrome" for browsing history logging, as long as we start browsing all URLs via "Google the search engine".

Happy Chrome-ing!

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