Thursday, October 15, 2009

Create a Microsoft Word Template retaining customized background

I was trying to save a Microsoft Word file with customized background as a template. When I used that template to create a new Word document, I was quite surprised that the background was not shown at all in the new document!

At first I thought it could be a "bug" of my Word software (Version 2003, quite old). I did some research on Google and tried out several possible workarounds, such as using a "VBA Macro", save as ".DOC" instead of ".DOT", and so on. However, none of them worked!

I am sure the background properties are correctly saved. It just does not display at all in the document window!

After more researches and tryouts on Google, I finally realized that Microsoft Word in fact has several different "Modes of Views", such as "Online Layout View" and "Web Layout View". Customized backgrounds are only effective for "Web Layout View" mode.

Now the solution to my problem is simple:

Before saving a Microsoft Word file as template, remember to switch to "Web Layout View" first.

When new documents are created using this saved template, it will goes into "Web Layout View" automatically.

It is not a bug at all. I learned from this case more about Microsoft Word!

Then what "background" in the world I care so much to save as a template? See this:

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