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Notes comparing ICM and CVP Scripting

Feature Guide Writing Scripts for Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal, Release 10.0(1) - Writing scripts for Unified CVP [Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal] - Cisco


Unified ICME scripting

The Unified ICME Script Editor is used to develop agent routing scripts, and to invoke Unified CVP micro-applications - basic building blocks of a voice interaction design. The Unified CVP micro-applications are: Play Media, Get Speech, Get Digits, Menu, Play Data, and Capture. These applications are combined and customized in the Unified ICME routing script to produce a viable voice interaction with the caller.
While it is possible to develop full scale IVR applications using micro-applications, it is not supported. Micro-application-based scripts are primarily used for initial prompt and collection operations, as well as for directing the playing of .wav files while calls are in queue. Instead, use the IVR scripts developed using Call Studio to create the IVR applications.
In an environment where Unified ICME script works with VXML script (the 2-script implementation for Unified ICME-integrated models described here), theUnified ICME script remains in control (and receives control back), even while it delegates the more complex self-service activity to the VXML Server script. Data can be passed from one script to the other and back through ECC variables.


The capability of using Unified ICME scripting for anything other than simple functions has been kept in support of legacy deployments. New customers are strongly advised to use the VoiceXML scripting environment of Unified CVP for creating IVR applications.

Unified CVP VoiceXML scripting

Sophisticated IVR applications can be developed using Call Studio which is an Eclipse-based service creation environment whose output is an intermediary file describing the application flow. That file gets loaded onto the VXML Server machines for execution. To invoke a VXML Server application, the script writer includes a special micro-application in his Unified ICME routing script. This micro-application instructs the VoiceXML Gateway to interact with the VXML Server directly to execute the application. The final results are passed back to Unified ICME.
Some of the VoiceXML scripting environment features include:
  •  A drag-and-drop interface with a palette of IVR functions
  •  The ability to do database queries
  •  Extensibility with Java code written to perform any task a Java application can perform


Unified CVP does not support using the MicroApp nodes that are available in the ICM Script Editor. All MicroApp implementation must be done using theRun External Script node in ICM Script Editor. Refer to ICM Scripting and Media Routing Guide for Cisco ICM/IPCC Enterprise & Hosted Editions for detailed information about the Run External Script node. Refer to Writing Unified ICME Applications for Unified CVP for detailed information about setting Unified CVP-specific parameters in this node for each Unified CVP micro-application.

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