Friday, December 9, 2016

Command Prompt on Microsoft Windows 10 will still be there!

I always believe so.

I have so many scripts still in BAT format. If "Command Prompt" is gone, then all my such scripts will not be working any more. Program "CMD.exe" is only a tiny software. I cannot find any reasons that this software must be removed.

Now I have some proof to my belief.

UPDATE, December 9: A Microsoft spokesperson has contacted us to emphasize that the company is not discontinuing Cmd Prompt, but only replacing the default shell. The full statement is available below:
“Microsoft is not removing Cmd from Windows, but rather changing the default shell, launched via File Explorer and the [Win] + [X] power-user menu, from CMD to PowerShell.  Users can opt to change the default shell back to Cmd via Settings and can continue to launch whichever shell they prefer, be it CMD, PowerShell, or Bash (if enabled) via the Start menu. The Windows Cmd shell has a long heritage and is an essential tool used by millions of businesses, users, and developers every day. It remains an integral part of Windows.”

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