Saturday, December 10, 2016

Handy countdown timer right inside my browser: search Google

This is very easy and simple. Three steps only, using Google Chrome browser:

  1. Ctrl-T to start a new tab. Or, just press Alt-D to go to the Omnibox.
  2. Type "" <enter>. If your default search engine is already "Google", then skip this step.
  3. Type "X hour Y minute Z second timer" <enter>

The maximum timer I tried out is 23:59:59 (almost one day).

The following screenshot is "300 second timer" as an example.

For mobile phone, I can also do this trick if I use Google Chrome App (NOT the Google Search App!). The steps are exactly the same!

It looks to me this feature is only working on Google Chrome. I tested this trick and found it is not working on Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.

Let me know if you have other successful browsers!

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