Monday, July 13, 2015

Type Ctrl-Shift-Z to Reset Character so spell checks would be back

I am not a native English speaker and my Microsoft Word and Windows are both in Mandarin version.

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For every now and then I started to find my Microsoft Word is not doing spell checks at all. This is quite annoying to me because I trusted so much on Microsoft Word to highlight all the spelling errors for me. If I do not see the highlights, I would assume no spelling errors at all. And it did happen to me certain serious spelling errors are indeed there inside my documents. Quite an embarrassment for me!

I did some research and I found sometimes Microsoft Word would change itself into a mode not doing English spell checks at all. Some discussions were already there on Microsoft Community web site.

With more careful observation, I started to know that whenever I typed keyboard shortcuts to insert timestamps, the texts after this insertion just changed automatically into this strange mode of not doing spell checks at all.

I found the fix to make it do the spell checks again. The cure is to reset character setting. For most of the people, we can just type Ctrl-SPACEBAR and then the character settings would reset.

However, I found this is again not working for me. Whenever I typed Ctrl-SPACEBAR, it is bound to another function: changing Mandarin input method mode. So, how can I do the reset now by typing keyboard shortcuts? I really do not want to use mouse clicks to do the reset.

Finally, I found this page also on Microsoft web site.

In fact, typing Ctrl-Shift-Z is exactly equivalent to Ctrl-SPACEBAR. And it works on my computer! This is the final fix for myself.

Just type Ctrl-Shift-Z to Reset Character so spell checks would be back.

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